About Me

Hello, I’m Loui, and welcome to my site!

A couple of years ago I left England to travel the world as far and wide as I could. My plan was, and still is, to experience things that I never thought I could and to see places I thought I’d never see. The only problem I ever saw in my plans was that I suffer from Type 1 Diabetes.

Being in my twenties and well aware of how fast time goes by, travelling was something I’d always wanted to do and is something I’m proud to have decided to do, it just takes that first step!

Nearly two years later and I can safely say that Type 1 Diabetes hasn’t held me back at all; I’ve travelled through some amazing countries and seen unbelievable things, tasted some amazing food and got to enjoy the highs and lows of foreign cultures

I’ve been to many¬†countries throughout my life and I’ve always wanted to see the further reaches of the world and what they have to offer. There’s something exciting about going into the unknown, isn’t there?IMG_0322

Nearly two years later and I’m currently living as an expat in Vietnam to save for more travels, and to recharge my batteries. I realised through my travels how different cultures can be inspiring, and how there is so much out there to see that it can sometimes be overwhelming!

I hope that my travels and experiences are helpful, entertaining, and at the very least encouraging for other aspiring travellers and people suffering from Type 1 Diabetes.


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