India is possibly my favourite country in the world. The country is a rich mixture of culture, delightful food and extraordinary architecture and scenery. I travelled an ‘S’ shaped route over nearly 5 months, covering a lot of ground, from Mumbai to Kerala, and Jaipur to Varanasi; it really is a great country. Read about my adventure here…


Nepal is known for it’s beautiful scenery and trekking opportunities; it is also the partial home of Mount Everest! During my 3 months in Nepal I trekked the Annapurna Circuit, spent 3 weeks living with Monks, and enjoyed the unique Nepalese cuisine. Read about my time in Nepal here.


Home to delicious, if slightly odd, cuisine, magnificent architecture, and peaceful landscapes, China is one of those places that I’m truly glad I decided to visit. Though its customs aren’t for everyone, I enjoyed my self in this great country. Read more about my journey here.