Whilst spending some downtime in Mysore I planned my next stop. So far I’ve only been planning my journeys 2-3 days in advance, or sometimes just the day before; it really depends on how accessible the next place is. Luckily, from Mysore the choices were endless; from here I could head south east into Tamil Nadu, west into Kerala, or back to Bangalore and further on towards the north east. I felt like I’d exhausted the midlands of Karnataka, so decided I’d head towards Kerala (as I’m still heading south) but, whilst consulting a map to determine the easiest route, I came across a place called Madikeri; a hill station situated in the Kodagu District (also known as Coorg). This district is the final outpost of Karnataka and creates a border with Kerala; it seemed like a good enough place to spend my last days in the state and a natural pathway into Kerala. Read More…