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Barcelona is Beautiful, it really is. The streets, the buildings, the food, the people, the beaches; it’s all beautiful. Apart from spending NYE in Edinburgh, I hadn’t planned on going on another short trip before departing on my adventure in January but, given an opportunity to go and having always wanted to see Barcelona, I couldn’t turn down the chance. So, being given little notice, I packed what little things I needed and couldn’t wait to hit the city.

Getting to the city from the airport is easy enough; you can catch a bus for around €12 or grab a taxi which, depending on where you’re heading, will be at least €20. Normally, on a budget, I’d catch the bus but being tired and cranky, I was in no mood for a 40min ride followed by a 2 mile walk; so the taxi it was. Briefly consulting a map I realised I was within walking distance of Las Ramblas so I decided to head there; Read More

Paris Sunset NYE

I’ve never enjoyed New Year’s Eve. It’s always over-hyped and the result is the same; a hangover, a slight feeling of regret, and the realisation that the holiday season is well and truly over. After being told that I was going to be spending New Year’s Eve in Paris, I felt a little more upbeat; at least I’d be spending it somewhere different.

There are many, many different ways to spend New Year in Paris I’m sure; city tours, fine dining, or rooftop parties. This isn’t a ’10 things to do’ or ‘how to spend New Years Eve’ guide but an account of how I spent one day in the city on one of the busiest days of the year and how exciting, or not at times, Paris can really be. This is how ‘winging it’ can be both great and disastrous in one day… Read More


My first view of Iceland was from a few thousand feet up and 10 minutes away from landing; the sight wasn’t what I had expected. I knew before I chose to go to Iceland, from the odd photo I’d seen here and there, that the landscape was diverse and varied depending on the region; some areas being littered with volcanoes, others covered in snow, but the view from afar completely surprised me. I tried not to do much research before heading there. I wanted my first significant solo travel to be free from presumptions; I wanted to keep an open mind.

When we were told we were approaching the island, everyone’s gaze turned to the windows for their first glimpse. I’d expected to see either a white blanket or nothing but mist but what I saw caught me by surprise. If you didn’t know any better you’d think that it was a desolate land; the ground was covered in various shades of burnt colours. Greys, blacks, browns and oranges, all burnt. Read More…