Exciting Times Ahead…

Well, the last couple of months have flown by and the next, and last, couple of months at home will no doubt fly by as well.

I officially land in India 2 months today (22nd November) and though it seems like a long time off, it’ll fly by in no time, mainly because I’m so busy leading up to it; my 25th birthday is coming up, followed by Christmas, then New Years Eve spent in Edinburgh. In between all of this I’ve got things to buy, vaccination and consultant appointments, route planning, and various bookings of one thing or another in preparation for next year. I’ve never been as busy but it’s all finally happening, and this is how it looks:

Turning 25

2 weeks into December I turn 25. Now, I don’t usually get bothered by birthdays and getting older but 25 is a bit of a milestone in my book; more so than 16, 18, or 21. It’s a quarter of a century and, hopefully, a quarter of the way through my life. This is a point in life where a lot of people have a look at what they have and haven’t done and where things are leading, which can lead to a ‘quarter-life crisis’ if you’re not careful. Not long ago a friend of mine and I were discussing this milestone (he turns 25 not long after me) and we couldn’t believe how quick it’s come about. We spoke about being at college, followed by university, followed by being thrown out into the real world to find jobs at the young age of 21; we couldn’t believe where time had gone. A lot of people I know of my age (and even at 21) either have kids, are engaged, or have a place of their own… or all 3. Of course this isn’t me; I’m leaving to travel solo indefinitely, I have no plans to come back anytime soon and, never really being bothered about being alone, I’ll probably remain that way for quite some time (but you never know).


I love Christmas. Christmas is my favourite time of year, in fact, I love the whole of December. The jovial atmosphere, the decorations, the cosy nights spent in front of an open fire, it really is the most wonderful time of the year, and if it snows, it’s pretty much perfect. I’m not overly fussed about presents anymore, instead I just love the fact that everyone is together enjoying themselves with some good food and a few drinks. It’s coming towards the end of November now so it’s not long until the tree and the decorations are up and Christmas songs start being played throughout the house; once this starts to happen, I know it’s nearly Christmas. However, this one will be a little different as it’ll be my last one in the UK for a year or two; I don’t plan on being here next Christmas and, depending on how things go, possibly not the year after which, for a few people, is a little hard to take in (understandably). I think that Christmas may

NYE in Edinburgh

This year I’ll be spending the New Year period in Edinburgh for the Hogmanay celebrations, which I’m hugely looking forward to. I think this year will be a little more planned than last years attempt at seeing Paris in a day on NYE, and it’ll also be the last city I visit (and European blog post) before I leave for India. I’ve been to this amazing city before but, having never been during any celebrations, my experience will be very different from my last visit. Inevitably this trip will be full of laughs, some great food, and a few lot of drinks. In the last couple of years my parents seem to have set a trend of spending NYE in a different city, and it’s a trend I’ll happily take away with me on my travels (though hopefully somewhere a little warmer, as Paris and Edinburgh are f*****g freezing at this time of year).

Finally…The Start of a New Adventure


2 Months today I’ll be wandering around, lost on the streets of Mumbai. After a painful and anxiety filled flight (I have mentioned that I hate flying before, right?) I’ll be at the first of many destinations within India; a country I’ll be calling home for 4 months or so. I chose India first as it’s such a vast country that it’ll take a long time to travel around and it’s also a good starting point for my ‘planned’ route around that side of the globe. Without a doubt I’ll make mistakes here and there, but as long as I don’t lose my medication I should get on just fine. I’ve done plenty of research (followed by more research), booked/planned my initial couple of weeks, checked various service times etc. all in preparation for my arrival. Although travelling does involve a lot of ‘winging it’, I’m not leaving anything to chance on my first few weeks there. Of course things will go wrong and won’t run as smoothly as I hope but that’s part of the fun isn’t it?

So, though it’s a couple of months until I leave; it’s a couple of very busy and exciting months, but busy and exciting months that I’ll try to make the most of. Is there anyone else making final preparations for leaving to travel?