Anjuna & Agonda

During my first 2 nights in Goa I didn’t even sleep in my bed; the first night I slept in someone else’s in another part of town, and the second night I got back at around 4am and crashed on the sofa; ‘welcome to Anjuna’ I thought! But the fun didn’t stop there; after meeting various people in the hostel from across the globe, I became part of a small group of people who stuck together for around a week. There were 3 Australian guys, a guy from London (who coincidentally was in the same hostel as me in Mumbai), a girl from the Netherlands, a girl from Lithuania (though living in Scotland) and, finally, two german guys. Over the next 5/6 days we were all together at one point or another, albeit in smaller groups, and in various stages of being either drunk or high, or both. Read More…