It was 6:30am, the sun had just about risen, it’s uncomfortably warm, and I was tired; this was not the way I wanted to arrive in Hampi. After being hassled into getting a Tuk Tuk, I was told that my hostel is on the other side of the river and that I must get a ferry across. Once at the river I noticed that there was a small crowd of people surrounding what I thought was a large rock; this rock then moved, stood up, and revealed itself to be elephant bathing in the river; as it turns out, this is something that happens daily. Read More…


Bangalore & Mysore

I feel like I’d be doing the state of Karnataka a great injustice if I didn’t write about two if it’s more prominent cities: Bangalore and Mysore. After all, I can’t just write about all the good places I’ve been to; it’d put a bit of a taint on my real experiences. I have very conflicting views on these two cities; one I expected to dislike but loved, the other I expected to love but, well, didn’t… Read More…