Fort Kochi

It turns out that Kochi is split between a couple of islands and the mainland; there’s Ernakulam (the main, cosmopolitan side of the city), Vypen island (quiet and reserved), and Fort Kochi (the ‘real’ Kochi). If you’re heading here, the majority of places to stay are in Ernakulam, the upper end places are in Vypen, and the old fashioned homestays are in Fort Kochi. Before I made my way to Kochi (or Ernakulam as it’s often referred to) I hadn’t really done much research into its history or what there was to do but, after consulting a local (always the best way), I realised that the real place to visit was Fort Kochi. Read More…


Munnar & Allepey

Munnar itself is a small, yet surprisingly busy town surrounded by steep hills, a moat like river, and dusty, winding roads. If you are heading here I’d suggest actually staying outside of town; though it’s only small, the noise and traffic as bad as any city in the country and you don’t come to Munnar for that kind of atmosphere. I stayed in a little place called Devikulam, which is slightly higher up and about 7km away from town; it’s a lot cooler in temperature than in Munnar, which proves to be more than comfortable (I actually needed a blanket one night it was that cold). It’s also, as I mentioned above, a lot quieter and a lot cheaper than in town itself, (rickshaw costs 100r per journey so if there are a few people you won’t spend much at all).Read More…