Now, it’s not just the lack of light in the streets of Amritsar that make it a dark place; it’s the city’s history that really breaks the place. Two major events have happened around the Temple complex area, both of which led to irreversible changes further down the line; the first of which being the massacre at Jallianwala Bagh by the British Raj in 1919. Under the command of Colonel Dyer, the exits to the Bagh were blocked and, without warning of dispersal, British troops opened fire on 1000’s of peaceful Sikh, Muslim and Hindu protesters who’d gathered in the area (some of whom were simply passing through on their way home). Hundreds were killed after 10 minutes of constant firing and the understandable stampede that followed; it is strongly believed that this was the beginning of the end for British rule in India and, along with other smaller incidents, ultimately led to the end of the British Empire. Read More…