Tamil Nadu



Leaving the lush greenery of Mid Kerala was hard to do but, having seen and done what I wanted to, I decided to move on further south. My plan originally was to end up in Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) before cutting across the midlands towards Madurai. However, after a few days in the clifftop beach town of Varkala (where I spent my time mostly eating and drinking, and meeting some great people) I decided it’d be a shame if I didn’t actually reach the very south of India at its most southern tip. So, after a quick stop in Trivandrum I headed to a place called Kanyakumari (formerly Cape Comorin) which I was told by some locals was just a place to go for the sake of being at the bottom of India; though I found that this simply isn’t true. Read More…



As a city, the part you want to see in Pondy is split into two areas: Ville Blanch, and Ville Noir; both of these areas are typically French in their grid like layout which makes navigation around the city very easy (something that cannot be said about other cities in India). Other than this, there’s the other side of town, which is typically Indian, where the main languages are Tamil and Malayalam, the streets are hectic, the food cheap, and the people friendly, whereas Ville Blanch is typically French in it’s atmosphere; quiet, reserved, expensive, and with an air of superiority that is a direct reminder of its home country. However, you don’t come to Pondy to see how the Indians live. No, you come here to see what a former french colony looks like; this is the most interesting. Read More…

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Auroville is a place that I’d heard whispers about many times in the South; first back in Varkala, then in Kanyakumari, then in Pondicherry; what I’d heard of it varied from ‘great city’ to ‘spiritual town’ and more. The place, from what I’d gathered, almost seemed mythical in the way people rambled on about it: ‘Oh you must go to Auroville, you’ll find spirituality there’ and ‘It’s the future’, Y’know, all that kind of shit. So, being open minded, I decided I’d see what all the fuss was about; luckily, the girl and guy I met in Kanyakumari had found a place where I could stay with them and another Spanish guy; this was a stroke of luck as I’d heard that finding accommodation could be tricky in the ‘township’: I entered Auroville without assumptions and tried to be as open minded as I possibly could be. Read More…